Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Poor Japan, It will be a very long time until the country is "whole" again. Such a shame. My heart goes out to the people of Japan. Such a tragedy for any nations to endure.

Also what is horrifying is that animals in the Ocean are still being hunted and killed everyday. Dolphins, whales, sharks, tuna you name it, and someone, somewhere is pulling something out of the sea.
When eating seafood, please be sure to ask your retailer or restaurant if they are purchasing from ecofriendly resources. Its important we take a good look at what seafood we are eating.

The dolphins held captive at the Cove ( 24 reported ) have all died on the sharp rocks due to the swells of tsnami. The fishermen of the Cove didn't even have the brain capacity to set those animals free during a natural disaster. Instead the dolphins endured more suffering at the hands of their captors.
A compassionate farmer would let his cattle go if there was a fire, but no, not these guys. They just do not care about these animals. They are dispensable beings to these men.

Come September 2011 hopefully things will have changed at the "Cove".
Or maybe mother nature can shake up Taiji, just enough to crumble the rock separating the secret killing cove and the public beach. Hurting no one, just crumbling the rocks that construct the Cove.

If you can, please reach out to the animals in this situation that need help. There have been some tweets and facebook mentions that all the animals that survived the tsnami will be gased to death in the upcoming days.
Im not sure where this info came from or if it is even true, but if it is.....is there no end to the torture these animals must face?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

In the eye of the Beast

 All day long I have been hit with waves of emotion. This disaster is Japan is overwhelming.
Mom and I would have been there if we had left a few days early...which I have been trying to do.

The story the Scott West is reporting is something out of a scary movie. The volunteers went to high ground and kept going. They watched mother earth show her strength on the town and its residents below.
A day later they walked out. No roads, scattered bodies and a few survivors huddled around fires cooking what food can be found...and offering it to these foreigners in black hoodies. The kindness of the Japanese people in such times of horror is astonishing.

We have decided to postpone our trip to Japan. We will be there in Sept when the slaughter starts up again.

Cosmic Karma...the people that fight for Mother Earth and her inhabitants ( in this case our fearless dolphin defenders ) were spared.
ALL volunteers are Alive and Safe!

Tired and cold, the reports are that they spend the night on hill, and now were able to make contact.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sea Shepherd's Scott West, Mike Vos, Tarah Millen, Carisa Webster, & Marley Daviduk, with Brian Barnes of Save Japan Dolphins are missing...
As of a tweet 36 min ago, they have not been heard from. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dolphin Girl.

Picture on the right is from a series we are putting together.
Not sure what to call the series, but it is dark, with a beautiful woman wearing a dolphin tail with scent of blood and cold concrete floors.

Fundraiser Success

Ive decided to start blogging again daily. Well almost daily.

Last night 72 people showed up at a little theater to watch "The Cove". It was an incredible feeling knowing that maybe just one person in the crowd will make different choices because of the movie they saw last night.

I have to tell the story of the man in the red jacket. Last night at the Plaza Fundraiser.

{ enter man in red jacket in his late 50's, accompanied by his wife heading to the box office for a ticket }
 -my cousin Ashley is working at the box office selling our tickets

"what are all these people doing here? Ive never seen this movie but it was the only damn thing on at this time in this city"

Ashley briefly explains we are hosting a fundraiser ect ect..

" well I'm not paying $25 bucks to watch this, how much is a regular movie here?"

-with a smile on my face " I'm not sure sir, we dont usually work in the box office, maybe $10 dollars is my guess"

-man in the red jacket basically stomps his feet and curls his nose up like he wants to spit on me..

-again with a smile on my face " well because I wish for you to view this, pay me the $10 each and enjoy the show.

-throws us a Twenty.

97 minutes later man in red jacket is asking for me...he has given Ashley the remaining money of the tickets he should have paid for..

-man in red jacket says to me with red teary eyes...."what can I do to help?"

In that moment the whole night came together.

As we have all heard, the fishermen in Taiji have packed up the tools and the tarps and supposably calling it a season.  No more driving dolphins in the Cove for the moment. The water is blue.

Why would these mentalists do this? Because everybody in the town of Taiji received a Japanese version of "The Cove"?
How are they making money? What are they doing with all their spare time? Where is all the whale and dolphin meat now?

In 12 days the search begins..as soon as my feet hit the ground, Im going to start asking questions and looking for answers.

Stay tune on twitter  @opptrueblue


Sunday, February 20, 2011

I have new friends.

In the last week I have met 3 wonderful ladies that believe what I believe. They are passionate about stopping something that should no longer be happening.

Killing dolphins is wrong.
Feeding mis leading  mercury contaminated meat to the public. Labeled as more expensive whale meat. Wrong.
Torturing a species that lives, loves, births, dances and sings. Very wrong.

Call it what you want, but this is no longer "culture". More like a pissing contest. They ( meaning every human engaged in, or profiting from killing whales and dolphins )  do not want to give into what western society is deeming savage and dangerous to the health of those eating this meat.

There are better ways to utilize local pods of dolphins migrating in the area. All profitable and without a bloody massacre.

Possible Ideas For Using Dolphins Alive Rather Than Dead

* sight seeing excursions
* snorkel trips
* dive camps
* swim with flipper Sept-March
* adopt a Taiji dolphin
* floating "live" aquarium"

As the fundraiser soon approaches, I am excited for people to watch "The Cove". It's a real eye opener. The behavior and tactics of this fishing community are outrageous. As a world wide team of volunteers we will stop this.

If you wish to come to our fundraiser we would love to have you.

Sunday March 6th 2011@ 7pm
Plaza Theater Kensington